Analyze first for best results

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s why your onboarding with PrinterLogix managed print services always begins by an extensive analysis of your organization’s existing print infrastructure and clear identification of your goals. Our proven method helps you get the most value from your technology investments, so you can be more productive, secure and environmentally-friendly.

Remote discovery, assessments and due diligence

Printerlogix takes stock of your current resources and forecasts what you’ll need in the future with our Benchmark Assessment process. This provides you with a low-cost, predictive modelling appraisal of your potential print spend, calculates how it trends against benchmark metrics, and identifies areas for improvement.

We follow it up with our Optimization Assessment, which provides you with cost-justified recommendations for a future-state fleet design. PrinterLogix then goes beyond simple ratios to incorporate business solutions and longer-term strategies with our Managed Environment Assessment, which lays out the impact of print output on your organization and provides you with findings, recommendations, and a preliminary business case for moving to a managed services approach.

PrinterLogix also helps you be as green as possible with our Eco Printing Assessment, which looks at your current carbon footprint to find areas for improvement and projects the positive impact for your future environmental footprint.

Finally, PrinterLogix’s Workflow Discovery identifies your business-critical, paper-intensive processes and provides a customized workflow analysis. We can then make any necessary changes to meet your goals.

Step-by-step assessment means a better plan forward

The PrinterLogix methodology enables us to fully understand all aspects of your print environment and how it fits in with your broader business goals to maximize productivity, enhance security and making your organization greener. From there we can plan your managed print services deployment to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the benefits.