PrinterLogix plans for the longer term

Optimizing your print environment for productivity and security is not a quick fix. PrinterLogix collaborates with your IT team to craft a viable long-term plan that solicits buy-in at the executive level. From there we set expectations and build on our comprehensive analysis and assessment.

A collaborative transformation

PrinterLogix works with your organization to implement the transformation of your printing and imaging environment using three key documents:

    • Print policy: This outlines the printing requirements identified as the result of our comprehensive assessment, including specific business needs, standards and user groups.The print policy enables to visualize the changes mindset and processes your organization will see, as well as the benefits that come from having a single vendor manage your print environment.
    • Master schedule: This document provides the timeline for the deployment of your new environment and lays out expectations for location-specific roll-outs. It also kicks off the change management process, including executive and employee buy-in.
  • Contract: This verifies PrinterLogix as your vendor of record for deploying managed printing services and clearly defines the roles, responsibilities, terms, conditions and obligations, making PrinterLogix the single point of accountability.

With these three documents in place, PrinterLogix can begin the change management process, which is essential for the getting the most from managed print services. It provides the methodologies, best practices and tools for a smooth transition to your new print environment while minimizing disruptions. PrinterLogix’s change management process includes communication strategies, sponsorship and governance recommendations, and training to make executives and employees enthusiastically embrace the new normal of printing.

A measured plan that lead to improved printing and productivity

Informed by our comprehensive assessment and attention to detail, PrinterLogix thoroughly documents and plans the transformation of printing and imaging environment so you get the maximum benefits that come from managed services.