Putting managed print services into action

With our comprehensive assessments completed and our plans in place, the deployment process can begin with confidence. PrinterLogix spearheads your transformation and addresses all areas critical to its success, becoming your single point of accountability.

Leading the transition

PrinterLogix’s experience in imaging and printing that’s in alignment with your IT infrastructure offers you significant advantages. We’re better positioned to proactively identify and mitigate potential issues, while minimizing disruptions to business and empowering users through training activities.

Meanwhile, PrinterLogix’s governance process outlines the overall operating model between us and your organization. It includes setting up a project management office that assigns resources, identifies roles and responsibilities, and supports the joint decisionmaking approach. PrinterLogix’s governance process also provides the communications channels necessary to relate project time lines and supports ongoing collaboration that makes sure the right people are involved and expectations are set and met.

PrinterLogix leads onsite pre-deployment activities, coordinates equipment and personnel delivery, and verifies that all devices and software are installed correctly. Our testing process ensures all aspects of your environment are in place and working correctly.

End-to-end managed print deployment

PrinterLogix’s deployment approach leverages its comprehensive assessment and planning methodologies to smoothly transition your organization and employees to your new managed print environment. By looking at your business holistically and in alignment with your IT infrastructure, PrinterLogix can implement managed print services effectively and securely so you get the maximum benefits.