Managed print services puts you in control

Your printing and imaging environment can get out of control quickly without oversight. While many assume IT is taking care of printers, copiers and scanners, it’s low on their priority list, leading to frustrated calls from users and overuse of paper, toner and ink. And without proper managed print services in place, people can’t print when they need to, no one knows who is supposed to being managing multiple vendors to keep the pages flowing, and the organization ispaying more than necessary to do it.

Eliminate cost and waste, improve productivity

Managed print services is more than just making sure you have enough toner to print pages. Done properly, it’s an opportunity to continuously improve your print and imaging environment. PrinterLogix’s managed print services provisions the right equipment for your organization and offers ongoing support to find ways of improving user efficiency and reducing costs.

Managed print services provides you with many benefits:

    • You can consolidate vendors and standardize your device fleet
    • Easily keep track of devices and have confidence they’re deployed where they are needed
    • Gain visibility into printing costs so you can better manage them
  • Reduce your footprint on the environment
  • Improve workflow and digitize document intensive processes
  • Ensure document security
  • Reduce the need for IT to support your print environment

PrinterLogix differentiates itself from other commodity managed print services vendors by leveraging its relationship with Supra ITS, a managed IT services organization. We are ISOcertified for security, ITSM and quality. We can help manage and store data and provide 24×7 monitoring and support backed with ITIL processes. Information stolen from copiers and printers is source of risk to any organization. PrinterLogix mitigates that risk with our complete lifecycle assessment of all documents in your business informed by our IT services and security expertise.

Secure your documents and help the environment

PrinterLogix’s managed print services enables you take control of your printing and imaging environment in line with IT best practices while reducing the burden on your IT department. Not only can we help improve your workflow and user productivity, we can also improve your environmental performance while ensure’s the security of your organization’s information.