Discover the mps360 Approach

‘360’ means we look at your business needs and print environment from every angle.

Our approach is holistic. We analyze your business, looking at the full document life-cycle from creation to archiving, and develop an optimum, bespoke solution. Our thinking is based on insight, experience and the very latest product and industry knowledge.

Our business is committed to value and service, because we know those qualities set us apart. It also helps us enjoy what we do.

Our contracts are simple, agreed on a CPP (Cost Per Page) scale, so that your business and costs never get away from you. We work towards a business relationship that guarantees transparency and a process that can be relied on.

Our approach is not the industry standard, because we know that few successful businesses ever consider themselves standard.

As one of Hewlett Packard’s 35 Elite Partners in Canada, we’re proud to sell only leading edge technology, products and choices. After all, Hewlett Packard is a company built on the backs of engineering excellence, not sales talk.

You’re a fish in a barrel

That’s what the big boys think.

When a large corporation pitched to us the other day, they talked for 57 minutes out of the hour meeting. In the time that remained, I had the chance to say, “Actually, here’s what we’re doing, how can you fit into that?” I didn’t extend the meeting to find out. That’s why we ask you to speak first.