Managed Print Services, Simply Delivered

PrinterLogix understands that printing is a demanding, expensive and complex necessity in almost every business. We provide Managed Print solutions simply delivered, that helps businesses operate with greater efficiency and lower print-related cost per page.

PrinterLogix whole philosophy is delivered from a service perspective and we support our commitment to exceptional service not with a slick pitch but firm Service Level Agreements that allow us and our clients to measure success by our impact on your bottom line.

Managed Print Services Canada

PrinterLogix’s alignment with a full-fledged managed IT services organization is a win-win for the customer as we now understand completely all aspects of their company. MPS from a larger IT services organization enables us to build the right architecture at a customer site, rather than thinking like a copier business that just wants to push “boxes.” Managed services and customer success is the core our approach. The world of business runs 24×7. Supra is open 24×7. Supra understands IT and provides value unlike any copier or printer shop, reflecting today’s reality that there are a wide range of applications from digitizing workflows and replacing manual paper-bases processes.

Print/Copy/Scan/Fax are all important and mission critical components of a typical office workflow.  Managing the devices, peripherals, the software and all other aspects of a workflow are critical to the success of any business. PrinterLogix looks at processes and how to make them work more efficiently and productively, while making key information more secure. We can move documents and data to the cloud to allow users to work anywhere, anytime.