Performance Targets in MPS Agreements

Is your managed print services contract just Cost per Page in disguise? A simple question will provide the answer. In my role at PrinterLogix I spend lots of time with potential clients who are currently committed to a Managed Print contract, I always ask what they feel the real benefit of the MPS is to their organization and I find that I consistently get very weak responses such as:

“Well they deliver the toner without us having to call to order it”
“The service is ok”
“They use remote monitoring to bill us”


“we know that business is moving towards managed environments and so we just followed the trend” When I dig a little deeper it soon becomes apparent that in fact what the client has is not a Managed Print Services program just a printer and/or copier contract that is billed on a cost per page basis. There is a way you can ascertain whether you have true Managed Print within your organization, simply ask yourself one simple question:

At quarterly business reviews is your MPS provider regularly suggesting new initiatives to reduce volume or devices?

That’s it, if the answer is no then you do not have a true Managed Print program, remember the definition (according to the MPSA) of MPS is

“Managed Print Services is the active management and optimization of business processes, related to documents and information including input and output devices.”

At PrinterLogix we take the ongoing active management and optimization of the print fleet very seriously and although we find that clients benefit initially from the implementation of an MPS program they actually gain far more efficiencies as we manage, optimize and adapt over time. We actually integrate into our agreements performance SLA’s / targets, we commit to work to reduce your volume from day one, every day.