Secure paper documents with a managed print services strategy

The need to secure paper documents is often forgotten in the digital era, even though we’ve never fully achieved the paperless office. A managed print services strategy should not only secure endpoints and data, but printed output too. Printed output has the same potential to lead to a security or compliance breach if the wrong […]

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5 Reasons to Put Your DMS in the Cloud

It’s not hyperbole to say the cloud has changed everything. Data management, application delivery, and business processes have all been transformed in recent years by the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm. Your document management system (DMS) is no exception. The idea of a putting a DMS in the cloud is gaining traction due to digital transformation efforts […]

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MPS360 Supercharges Your Managed Print Services

Today’s printers, copiers and imaging devices are smart computers with processors, memory, hard drives and proprietary operating systems and applications—that why today’s managed print services need to go a lot further. PrinterLogix launched MPS360 because we recognize customers need a holistic approach when supporting their printing and imaging infrastructure that’s informed by their broader IT […]

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Managed Print 360

3 Compelling Reasons to Supercharge Your Managed Print Services

Managed print services should be more than just about keeping the toner flowing. It’s an opportunity to make your business smarter, greener and more secure as part of a broader IT strategy. In fact, we think it’s essential because your printers, copiers and other imaging devices are now smart devices with processors, memory, hard drives […]

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